Casino Bonuses

What does a Casino bonus mean and how do you need to wager it?

It is not always easy to understand the different casino wagering rules as they can vary a lot between different online casinos. When a player signs up at an online casino most casinos will offer a so called welcome bonus, which will be given upon the first deposit of a new player.

In most cases casinos will offer to match the first deposit amount by doubling the money paid in by the new customer, which is called a 100% welcome bonus or 100% deposit bonus. Some online casinos will even offer better percentages such as 200% deposit bonus which means that for a deposit of 100,- the player will receive another 200,- as bonus.

In some circumstances online casinos even offer a so called non-deposit bonus, which means a player does not need to deposit any of his own money in order to receive a bonus, and can play straight away with the bonus money.

In both cases the casinos intend to encourage the player to try different casino games by offering free funds, or to motivate players to make a higher deposit by offering the deposit bonuses.

In the early days of online casinos these welcome bonuses often have been abused by players who just signed up in order to receive a free bonus, to then closed their account once the bonus has been credited – often by using multiple accounts.

To prevent this from happening, the online casinos very soon introduced specific conditions for bonuses, which are called wagering or playthrough requirements,


How a wagering requirement works

In the majority of cases the wagering rule would be that the initial deposit needs to be wagered multiple times before the bonus becomes valid for cash-out. How often the bonus money needs to wagered depends on the casino, hence, players should take a close look at the terms and conditions of each bonus offer. Usually the wagering requirement is 30 or 40 which means the amount of the initial deposit needs to be wagered that amount of times, and whatever is left from the bonus will be credited as real money, which the player can then withdraw to his bank account.


Here’s an example

Let’s say a new player makes a first deposit of 100,- and gets a 100% deposit bonus with a wager requirement of 30. This means the player will have an account balance of 200,- (inclusive 100,- bonus) and will need to play casino games and place bets worth 30 x 100,- = 3,000.- before the bonus can be cashed out.

Even though the wagering conditions are unpopular for players, they are necessary for online casinos to protect themselves from fraudsters and bonus hunters who have not signed up to enjoy the casino games, but to quickly make a profit and leave. And of course their aim is to motivate the players to make a high deposit with the risk of losing their funds before the cash-out requirements are met.


Further wagering conditions

Wagering rules also have an impact on the games which can be played, as online casinos do assign different percentages to different games. This means some games do count more or less towards meeting the wagering requirement than others. For example, slots might count 100% for every bet which is placed whilst Poker only counts 50%.

To avoid nasty surprises players should always check the casino’s wagering requirements so they are informed about the play-through rules before signing up for an online casino.