Blackjack is an entertaining and fun card game that is offered in nearly every online casino. It is therefore necessary to know about the central facts of this game to stand a chance winning against the casino dealer.


Blackjack History

The exact origin of blackjack can not be cleared up today. It is clear only that there were a number of games in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, which were similar to today’s blackjack. With the growing success of the casino landscape in the early 20th century, the global awareness of Blackjack finally rose. Blackjack was able to convince with its short, fast and exciting rounds. This excitement was not lost even when the game has been transferred into the virtual casinos. For this reason Blackjack is an integral part of online casinos.


How Blackjack works

The goal of online blackjack is to beat the bank. However, there is no other opponent. All participants of a round play against the bank. Each player is dealt two cards at the beginning of the game. The Bank also receives two cards, one card for the player remains covered. Now he has to decide whether he wants to draw a third card. This decision will be made based on the main target at blackjack: reaching 21.

So the player must reach the 21 or as close as possible. Here the ace counts either 1 or 11, all face cards count 10 and number cards count according to their eyes sum. If the sum of the first two cards is not even near 21, the player will usually draw a third card. Players have the option of drawing as many cards as they like, until they want to stop or have exceeded 21. After the card value of the player is clear, the second card of the bank is exposed. The bank needs to draw as many cards until a combined card value of at least 17 is reached. After each round, the bet of the winning players will be doubled, whereas each loser loses his bet.


Blackjack 21 Tips

Blackjack knows only a few game modes, because the gameplay is quite simple. In online casinos these only differ in the actions of Double, Split and the amount of Insurance.

Ultimately, when playing Blackjack it is still useful to comply with the basic strategy. Behind this name hides a system, that pretends the player exactly the situations in which he would like to play. This avoids emotion led games, which would smallen the chances of victory.