£50 – £100 per hour – beat the bank!

If you want to become a Millionaire quickly… then you’re at the wrong place! But if you’re interested in earning extra money from home and got some spare time, then make sure you read this to the end. If you’re patient and follow the rules you will make at least £50 per hour – which is great given you only need to play a few games on your computer or mobile.

Now learn about this great trick on how to beat the bank and win in online casino Roulette. Ever wondered how the pro’s manage to take away real winnings? Well there is a trick, just continue to read the rest of this page and try for yourself (before and after you read this) with the below demo Roulette game.

After playing a few rounds you will probably find yourself either losing or winning a small amount of money, but without the right strategy the bank will always win at the end.

That’s why you should read this page until the end and then try again to test for yourself whether this strategy works.

Try the demo now, wager a few rounds and write down how much you won/lost:

  • ‘Quick Spin’ will immediately give you the result of the Roulette round, without having to wait until the game ends
  • By pressing ‘Spin’ you will play a regular game of roulette but it will take it’s time (that’s why you should use the Quick Spins to save time
  • With ‘Clear Bet’ you will remove all current bets on the table (you usually won’t need this if you just bet on black or red)

Now what?

After playing a few rounds in the demo game you will usually end up losing money, as this is how the casinos earn theirs. In the long run the casino will always win, unless you’re really lucky! But luck is not enough to earn money every day, you need a proper strategy

Important, this trick only works in the following online casinos, and you will soon find out why. There are a lot of strategies out there when it comes to playing Roulette, but they all fail in landbased casinos, simply because it would take too much time and effort to follow them through. In a nutshell, all existing Roulette strategies such as the Martingale strategy have in common, that a player should continue betting on the same colour every time, even if he has lost the previous round.

Players also need to double their wager every time they lost so they can win back their previous losses. The idea behind it is simple: the more often a single colour such as red or black is drawn, the more unlikely it is that it will happen again (and again, and again). However, there is still a real possibility of the same colour being drawn a series of 7, 10, or even 12 times in a row (believe it or not) if a player is really unlucky.

Here you can see what would happen with the regular Martingale strategy, if you bet on BLACK and double your wager everytime you lost, with a series of 7 losses (7 times RED can happen more often than you’d think). At the end of round 7 you would have lost £320 and at many casinos you would not be able to double again as their table limit is £500.

Online Roulette Strategy Table 1

In a landbased casino the casino staff would also notice your betting strategy after a few rounds and ask you to leave the table. But the bigger problem is the table limit, preventing you from doubling your bets every time you lost. If you’re experiencing a long series of the same colour (but have wagered on the opposite colour) then you will soon reach the table limit and lose everything.

The secret of the ’empty spins’ strategy

To overcome the problem of hitting a series of 7, 8 or 10 times the same colour and reaching the table limit, you need to make use of a feature which is only available in some online casinos. If you have played the demo game at the start of this page you will have noticed the ‘Quick Spin’ button which is standard in online casinos. This is a huge advantage as you can play ’empty rounds’ without betting your own money and only monitoring the results, simply waiting for the right signal to make your bet.

So what do you need to do? Well, you ‘quick spin’ without betting and keep an eye on the results. When you notice a series of 5x the same colour, then it’s your time to place a bet on the opposite colour:

Online Roulette Strategy Table 2

In the above example you would have started after the entry signal of 5x red, betting £5 on the opposite colour (black). Let’s say there is a series of 9x red in total, then you would win £80 in the 10th round (minus your previous losses). You even would be able to play a 10th/11th/12th round if you needed to, and double your wager every time without reaching the table limit, so this gives you a great advantage! Try if for yourself, you won’t hit a series of more than 12x the same colour so this is absolutely safe.

In the above example your win after the 10th round would be £80 minus your previous lost bets of £5, £10, £20, £40, £80 leaving you a total profit of £5 (£80 – £75).

Now £5 doesn’t sound like much right? But earning £5 in just 5 minutes is not bad at all! Within 1 hour you can easily cash out £50 – £100 whilst playing a game from home!

Now take what you just learned and test for yourself with the same demo Roulette game at the top of this page. Play the quick & empty spins until a series of 5x the same colour occurs, then start to bet on the opposite colour. If you win great, collect the money and start from scratch. If you lose, just keep betting on the same colour and double your wager everytime until you won. You’re welcome!

Important: Mind the Log-File!

Whilst the trick explained here is 100% legal, casinos will of course try their best to prevent players from using this strategy. Whilst landbased casinos will immediately notice player strategies, online casinos need to make use of technology to monitor how players place their bets. This is why they have in use a so called ‘log-file’ which keeps track of every player, what games they play, how long they play, and their betting patterns.

If their ‘log-file’ flags your betting pattern as suspicious, you will risk to get black-listed and the online casino might even freeze your account. So what can you do about it? The log-file only flags you if you bet for longer than 59 minutes, that means if you stop before the full hour, you only need to take a break of 24 hours before you can play again for another 59 minutes.

Just use the 24 hour break to play in another online casino, since there are plenty of them you can easily play at 4-5 different online casinos at the same time. But not all online casinos work the same way, make sure you only pick one of these tested online casinos where we made sure this strategy works!

Still got doubts? Well then check out our withdrawal history and cash balance below:

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